via francigena 2o18

This summer, I walked 1,800 km of the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome; through France, Switzerland, and in Italy, where I ended in Rome.  It was my first long-distance walk. I traveled solo from my home in the United States, and booked almost nothing before leaving except my one-way airfare from New York to London. I doubted every day if I would succeed to reach Rome and wrote these blogs in real time, one for every day of my journey. I hope some of the uncertainty and adventure was preserved in the process. These are the unedited entries. A complete list of the points on my trip - where I rested each night on the way to Rome - is here.

italy, july 12 - august 16

switzerland, july 3 - july 12

france, june 2 - july 2

england, june 2